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Patent attorney, your kind of profession?

Do you have a technical or science background and do you wish to combine your knowledge of a specialist subject with law? Do you have an affinity with innovation and business administration, but also with languages and communication? Then the profession of patent attorney might just be your kind of job.

If you have an education at Master’s degree level in science or technology a tough 3-year legal follow-up course will train you as a patent attorney. You will then become an advisor on patents within your own discipline. You will advise inventors about the ways of protecting know-how, products and ideas and will conduct the procedures for securing and maintaining the desired protection. You will work with inventors and with companies developing high-grade technology, often on an international level. You will also have frequent contact with lawyers and other IP specialists and play a part in the knowledge management of a company.

"What is so great about this profession is its diversity. Science may sound interesting, but it largely consists of repetition and failures. In this profession, though, inventors come to me with all their successful innovations."

What qualifications do you need?

The patent attorney’s job is independent, versatile and diverse and among others requires the following knowledge and skills:

  • the ability to work accurately and write precisely
  • creativity and flexibility
  • empathy and a grasp of your client’s market, its competitors and its commercial and strategic interests
  • advisory skills and social skills

As you can see, you will need a broad perspective as well as an eye for detail.

Where will you work?

The services of patent attorneys are in great demand at patent agencies and in industry. In many cases, your first job will be with the organisation in which you had your trainee post. You can also establish yourself as an independent patent attorney. Due to your rare combination of specialties you are guaranteed to earn an excellent salary. This site regularly advertises the available trainee posts and vacancies for patent attorneys.

What are your career options?

As a patent attorney, you can develop into a professional in the field of your technical specialty. You can become a partner with a patent agency, and in trade and industry a department manager or even Chief Intellectual Property Officer. Or maybe teaching at a university will be something for you, or working on new national or European patent legislation?

More information?

Would you like to know more about the profession? Ask for an interview with an experienced patent attorney. We would love to tell you about our fascinating profession.

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